Kishu season is over. Thanks and see you all next season.

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What are Kishu Mandarins?

Kishu Mandarins are a sweet and seedless variety of tangerines native to Japan. They're nearly impossible to find in stores because they're so hard to grow and pick! 

The Mandarin Man tends to 100 trees yielding over 5 tons of organic Kishu Mandarins. Our soil levels have been tested by the California State Department of Agriculture.

Who is the Mandarin Man?

The Mandarin Man is the proprietor of a farm in Chino Hills, California. His primary crop is Kishu Mandarins, a small tasty seedless variety native to Japan. He grows and picks each one with great care and high expectations, not dissimilar to how he raised his two sons.

Growing up in China during the 60’s and 70’s, instead of going to high school, the Mandarin Man was sent to the countryside. It was there that he fell in love with farming, dreaming of one day owning his own piece of land and growing all his favorite fruits.

He is now living that dream, on his own terms.